Denim Lapis 8mm Round Bead 7-8" |Sold by Bag| 74032



The round denim lapis beads in this strand feature an attractive cornflower blue color. Round beads are a staple of strung designs and look great when strung on their own to create a simple strand, used individually as separators or accent beads, or combined with other shapes and sizes of beads in more complex earring, bracelets and matched sets—combine them with complementary-color stones to create complex designs.

Denim lapis displays a range of blue colors, light to medium, with sometimes extensive white streaking and patterning that is reminiscent of denim jeans. The white veining is due to elevated calcite levels in the stone.

Ready to string, this package contains 7.5"–8" strand length.


  • Shape : Round
  • Dimensions : 8.0mm
  • Hole size : .030"–.039"
  • Drill style : Center-drilled
  • Material : Stone/Gemstone
  • Color : Denim Lapis
  • Treatment : None (N)
  • Country of origin : China
  • Size : 8mm
  • Stone type : Lapis lazuli
Please Note:• Bead sizes and hole sizes are approximate and may vary slightly from bead to bead.
Stock Location:6-D
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