Denim Lapis 12mm Round Cabochon, N |Sold by Each | 85058



Stone size: 12.0mm 
Stone shape: Round 
Material: Lapis lazuli 
Stone type: Natural 
Color: Denim blue 
Mohs hardness: 5–5.5 
Refractive index: 1.500–1.670 
Specific gravity: 2.50–3.00 
Treatment: None (N) 
Cutting center: Taiwan 

Featuring a range of blue colors and various dark and/or light patterning, this round denim lapis cabochon—named for its resemblance to denim—is an ideal choice for more casual jewelry designs. Use it by itself to create pendants or earring drops; pair it with an assortment of complementary-color stones to create more complex necklace designs. Denim lapis displays a range of blue colors, light to medium, with sometimes extensive white streaking and patterning that is reminiscent of denim jeans. The white veining is due to elevated calcite levels in the stone.

Lapis lazuli is a metamorphic stone composed of lazurite, pyrite, and calcite. It exhibits a shade of blue resulting from the relative color percentages of these minerals. Represented in folklore as a symbol of the starry night, lapis lazuli is said to stimulate the intellect and support wisdom.

please note:
• Care: Clean with warm, soapy water; never clean using steam or ultrasonics.

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