Sterling Silver 0.6mm French Wire |Bulk Prc Avlb| Sold by CM | 693632


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This sterling silver French wire protects the bead cord from damage and extends the life of the jewelry, while the silver is a good color match for silver and other white-metal clasps, creating a seamless look in strung jewelry. French wire (bullion) reinforces bead cord where it passes through clasp components. Clip off a short length of the coiled wire and pass your stringing material through the coil then through your clasp component, and finally back through your strand to finish. The coil will shape itself to the ring on the clasp, protecting the cord against friction and wear.

Max length 30cm.


  • Material : Sterling silver
  • Color : Sterling Silver
  • Diameter/Width : .032" (.80mm)
  • Inside dimension : 0.6mm (.024")
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Metal color : White
  • Metal color : White
  • Size : .024" ID
  • Tube ID : .6mm (.024")
Please Note:

• This product is fragile; it cannot retain its coiled shape if pulled or stretched.

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