A-1 Klyr-Fire Holding Agent, Water-Based 2 oz | TA01



This Kylr-Fire™ holding agent is water-based and is ideal for applying to your substrate to help hold granulated enamels in place while you design. Mix it with equal parts water to create a spray-on adhesive or use the agent at full strength for wet packing or holding wire walls in place on your substrates for cloisonné designs.


Brand : Thompson
Size : 2 oz.
Country of origin : United States

Want to fire enamel on a vertical surface?

You need to use A1 Klyr-fire. Oil medium could have more risk than water-based. 
1. apply 50/50 water and Klyr-fire(better with spray) 
2. fire the first coat enamel thin
3. apply 50/50 water and Klyr-fire( better with spray)
4. Apply another think coat of enamel. 
You need at least three coats in total. 

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