14/20 Yellow Gold-Filled Round Wire, 20ga (0.8mm) | Sold by cm |Bulk Price Avlb | 107376



Metal type: Gold-filled 
Karat/purity: 14/20 
Hardness: Dead soft 
Gauge/thickness: 20 ga. 
Form: Wire 
Shape: Round 
Dimensions: .032" (0.81mm) 
Length per weight (approx.): 21.9 ft./ozt. 
Weight per length (approx.): 0.046 ozt./ft. 
Metal color: Yellow 
Country of origin: United States 

This gold-filled wire is packaged in coils and can be cut to any length that satisfies the system minimum. Orders must weigh at least 0.01 ozt.; if you click 'Add to Cart' for a quantity less than this, the cart will offer a prompt to let you know what the minimum for this item is.

please note:
• Customers within the European Union: Please be aware that all gold-filled materials sold by Yu Yo are in compliance with EU regulation EN1811:2011.
• We strive to measure quantities ordered as closely as possible; however, due to manufacturing tolerances at the mill, please allow for a ±10% variance when ordering.
• Because of its temper, dead soft gold-filled sheet will present a somewhat less reflective surface than do harder tempers.


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