• Beginner's Embroidery Workshop

    Beginner's Embroidery Workshop

    Embroidery is the art of stitching decoration on fabric. It can be used on clothing, blankets, jewellery and wall art. Embroidery has infinite possibilities from fabric to framing to stitches. In this workshop you will learn some basic stitches and...
  • Crochet Wire Jewelry Workshop

    Crochet Wire Jewelry Workshop

    Important: If less than 2 people signed up, the instructor will cancel the workshop, you'll get notice one day before. Learn how to crochet wire and make a beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift! This involves learning a basic crochet...
  • Tapestry Workshops

    Tapestry Workshops

    Tapestry 1 This is designed to give you a solid foundation in tapestry weaving. Learn how to warp up a loom, the difference between warp and weft and how to stop your edges from curving in as you weave. We cover various weaving techniques such...
  • Watercolour Workshops

    Watercolour Workshops

    The instructor will run the workshop if 2 or more people signed up the workshop. If there is only one person in the workshop, we will contact you to cancel the workshop.   Watercolour has its own beauty. The beauty of art is mistake, accident and...