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Brand: Smith 
Model or style no.: Little Torch 
Country of origin: United States 

The Smith Little Torch™ is the versatile torch countless jewelers turn to when they need to accomplish a variety of tasks. Using a variety of tips, it's capable of producing a flame the size of a pin head or one large enough to cast up to three ounces of gold or silver. It's ideal for a variety of jewelry tasks, including repair and manufacturing. 

Use this economical system for acetylene, propane, hydrogen, natural gas or MAPP™ fuels and oxygen. It is an ideal choice if you already have fuel and oxygen tanks and regulators with B fittings. 

Other Little Torch tips may be used with this system with the following guidelines:
• Use tip #2 only with acetylene or hydrogen fuels.
• Use casting and annealing tips for propane, natural gas, acetylene or hydrogen and ONLY if you’re using non-disposable tanks.

This system includes:
• Torch handpiece
• Two 8-foot hoses (one fuel, one oxygen) with “B” fittings
• Five torch tips, sizes #3–#7

Catalog page: 
2016-2017 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.483

please note:
• IMPORTANT: If you use this system with natural gas, please call us for a technical sheet containing important safety and operational information.
• This item is available, by special order, with fittings configured to accommodate European, Australian and British connections. 
• Tip #2 (500079) is compatible only with acetylene or hydrogen.
• For your safety, flashback arrestors (not included) are strongly recommended for this torch system.


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