Thompson Lead-Free Opaque Enamel, 1180 Briarwood Brown | 119417



This Thompson powder enamel is ideal for dipping or spray-on applications—simply add water to achieve the consistency you need. Mix colors together to create new shades; ceramic pigments can be added for even more color choices. Create a crackled effect by using this water-based enamel over low-expansion enamel—will crackle when fired. 

Formulated to perform beautifully on a variety of metal and glass substrates, Thompson lead-free enamels are quality-made to deliver dependable, repeatable results. This medium-temperature, high-acid resistant enamel fires at temperatures from 1,400°–1,500°F (760°–815°C) on fine silver, copper, gold, low-carbon steel and fired fine.Silver, copper or gold metal clay.


  • Size: Optional. (57g)
  • Brand : Thompson
  • Form : Granule
  • Color : Chamois Brown
  • Color no. : 1140
  • Grade : 80-mesh
  • COE : 258-360 (cu)
  • Type : Opaque
  • Country of origin : United States
Please Note:• Before firing, in this powder form, this 325-mesh enamel will not look as it will after firing. 
• It is always prudent to pre-test enamel colors on examples of the workpieces you are using to resolve any slight variances that may 
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