Matt Ring Tube Sizer | 700570

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  • Matt Ring Tube Sizer | 700570
  • Matt Ring Tube Sizer | 700570


Brand: Matt™
Dimensions: 9"L x 21.0mm dia.
Country of origin: United States
Shipping weight: 0.209 lbs (95.010g)

Quickly and accurately enlarge wax ring models! Slide a wax ring or ring tube onto this mandrel and gently rotate it against the sharp steel blade. The blade extends out from the hardwood mandrel all the way to the tip. First enlarge one side, then flip the pattern or tube over to trim the opposite side to create a uniform thinning or trim. A must for designers and wax departments
• Sharp blade cleanly shaves the inner wall, enlarging wax rings and leaving an even, smooth finish.
• Whole sizes 5–12 are clearly and accurately marked on the sizer.


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