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This handcrafted sterling silver hook clasp features a sleek round shape and spring-loaded hinge opening, making it a great choice for securing bracelet and necklace designs—it looks great when used to finish beaded or fabricated necklaces or bracelets made with silver components. To use simply press the hinged portion of the hook to open it for putting on or taking off the strand. Complete the clasp with a plain or fancy eye or ring. A hook & eye clasp is a two-part clasp that tends to be larger than other clasp types and is ideal for larger designs, bead strands or bib-style necklaces.

Metal type: 
Sterling silver 
Karat/purity: 925 
Style: Hook and eye 
Overall length: 13.0mm 
Width: 10.0mm 
No. of strands: 1-strand 
Fabrication method: Cast 
Ring(s) ID: .059" 
Metal color: White 
Country of origin: Mauritius 
Weight: 0.883 g (0.031ounces)

please note:
• Overall length indicates the length added to your strand by the clasp. 
• Handcrafted items may vary slightly in size and appearance.
• Use care when soldering near springs or other movable mechanisms; the heat can damage these parts or alter the temper of the metal, reducing or destroying their effectiveness.


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